Our Orthopaedic services are provided by the surgeons from SPORTSMED SA, who consult at Territory Sportsmedicine and operate at Darwin Private Hospital, twice monthly. SPORTSMED SA is based in Adelaide and is an internationally renowned Sports Medicine Clinic with expertise in treating active people of all ages. As the name suggests, SPORTSMED SA focuses on and is a world leader in Sports Medicine.

SPORTSMED SA’s Orthopaedic surgeons specialise in the diagnosis and management of upper or lower limb injuries, as well as joint replacement surgery *. The skills developed and applied at SPORTSMED SA are recognised and sought by elite athletes from both within Australia and from overseas. SPORTSMED SA proudly provides this same high level of care to all patients, whether they are an elite or social sportsperson or busy people simply wishing to maintain an active lifestyle.

For more information on the Orthopaedic services provided by SPORTSMED SA, please go to www.sportsmed.com.au or call Sportsmed.SA Darwin branch on (08) 8941 2588.
Please note – joint replacement surgery is only performed at SPORTSMED SA’s private hospital facility in Adelaide.